About us

As an effective solution for the issue, World Miss Tourism Ambassador was founded and organized by Miss Tourism Ambassador LLC, USA with the mission of conveying positive and modern tourism message, introducing and inspiring new destinations to tourists, and promoting various sustainable tourism types. We gathers young, beautiful, confident women who have great interest and knowledge about tourism and sustainable tourism development.

World Miss Tourism Ambassador is not only a beauty pageant but also an unofficial tourism forum and culture exchange event. Our contestants are from all over the world, representing the distinction of their countries’ tourism and culture. Through pageant’s activities, they will promote and inspire audiences about tourism of their own nation and the host country.

Vision & Mission

  • Today, tourism is not simply a form of entertainment, but it has stepped up as the lifestyle of modern and nonstop-moving citizens. More and more types of tourism are emerging to meet the diverse needs of us. This is both an opportunity and challenge to all nations in the time of globalization and the fiat world. Men people can directly connect with a variety of diverse cultures, there are new and attractive experiences in very simple ways.
  • For that reason, World Miss Tourism Ambassador is organized with the mission of conveying positive travel messages, introducing new destinations to tourists and promoting various types of tourism services. More than 60 girls from all over the world will become new travel symbols of their nations in order to bring a youthful and modern message to all people around the world.
  • World Miss Tourism Ambassador is not only a beauty arena but also a channel for promoting tourism, culture and tourism services of any country which sent a delegate to this contest.
  • With that great mission, World Miss Tourism Ambassador gathers beautiful young girls with confidence, knowledge and interest in the development of tourism and tourism services in the context of modern society and globalization.
  • By finding out only one representative to become the tourism ambassador of the world, the winner of World Miss Tourism Ambassador will also participate in many promotional activities for the development of tourism both in her country and in all over the world during the year of her reign.
  • Through the activities of the contest, the organizers hope this will become an information channel, as well as an open forum for all travel activists of each nation to send their message of tourism culture to neighbors around the world.
  • This year, Philippines is selected to be the host county of World Miss Tourism Ambassador 201. This country is considered as a leader in Asia and a highlight of world tourism because of its innovative and diversified types of tourism services and a steady system of ideology of its tourism services businessmen.